A new look for our

Home Scent Collection

Our Home Scent Collection has been redesigned with a bold new look inspired by the French architecture scene of the 50s and such heroes as Le Corbusier and Jose Lluis Sert.


Home scents are about atmosphere. A cluster of Lily of the valley, a gentlemen’s den, a drink on a terrace in Saint Tropez: these are all different olfactory images that the best perfumers in the industry have transcribed into home fragrances. Like a person who enjoys his or her signature perfume, each place can also boast its distinctive olfactory soul.



Frédéric Malle’s candles are both beautiful decorative objects and powerful fragrance diffusers. The wax, specifically suited to each fragrance oil, is hand-poured around a wick that burns with a clean and defined flame. The newly designed jar has a minimalistic color dichotomy, white on the outside and red on the inside, in matte porcelain. Lit, these candles transform a room into a place of warmth and comfort: your own safe-haven.


Now in our newly designed porcelain jar

Our rubber incenses are a modern interpretation of the traditional scented sachet, made of fragrance-infused EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) – an innovative amalgam of plastic and rubber. Powerful enough to perfume a small enclosed space for up to half a year, and thin enough to fit between one’s clothes or under a car seat, they quickly become an indispensable object for your home and vehicle.


Discover our rubber incense